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New Soles, Inc. Board of Directors sets our direction, takes responsibility for financial decisions and performance, and is accountable for achieving organizational objectives. Their diverse skillsets, experience, and areas of influence are critical in helping us build a strong community for all.


Lij Tswago Sr.

Lij Tswago Sr., commonly know as Chocky is the founder and President of New Soles, Inc. His passion for helping the youth stems from his own turbulent journey as a youth. At the age of 18, Chocky was sentenced to 20 years in prison in which he served a few months shy of 10 years.


After working in the social services field for over 6 years, he decided to start an organization that would help at-risk youth, in hopes of them not traveling the path he did.


Chocky is also a photographer and the co-owner & president of Masters of Light Studio, which is a premier photography and videography company.


JAne Donohue

Jane Donohue is our Program Manager of the Community Outreach division. She literally does a little bit of everything at a high level for the organization.


She also works as a NJ Realtor and as a Sales Consultant specializing in organizational compliance for a Philadelphia-based corporation.  


In addition to her volunteer work with NSI, Jane is also on the board of The Camden Clock Chasers and helped spearhead their now annual “Chasing Dreams 5K” since 2015. She enjoys cooking, is an avid music lover & a proud mother of four. 


Brandon Horsey

Brandon Horsey is the co-founder and Vice President of New Soles, Inc. One of his favorite things to do is Hoop. This led him to coaching various little league teams to multiple championships. 

Always being eager to succeed in the work space, Brandon started a successful property rehab company. 

Never being afraid to fail, Brandon teamed up with his cousin Chocky to start an organization that he hoped would change the lives of many young people.

Cat - Retouched-LIJ09437-3.JPG

Cat Paige

Cat Paige is an active, committed board member and the Program Manager for "Soles of Tomorrow".


Cat is a Finance Administrator at JP Morgan Chase and has been with that firm since 2013. She is also a Diversity & Inclusion consultant after receiving her certificate from Cornell University.


She is also an Executive Board Member of the Gloucester County NAACP, US Navy Veteran and classically trained Pastry Chef. 



Devinwade Robinson is the Creative Director for New Soles, Inc. Dev is also the owner of "Devinwade Productions" which is a successful production company. He has produced several chart topping podcast as well as his own "The Devinwade Show".


Give him a pen/pencil and you'll be amazed at what he what he can do. Dev is a phenomenal artists, graphic designer & photographer. 

He enjoys working with the youth to help them identify and hone their creative abilities. 


Tara will

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