Providing New Soles

New Soles, Inc. will be active in the community, as to identify the children who need our help. We know and understand that children are our future leaders & we must be there to assist them in reaching their maximum potential. New Soles, Inc. will do more than just provide new footwear, we will also provide new souls by sharing with the youth, a new outlook on life. We will give them the tools needed to assist in their decision making, as well as presenting a plethora of career ideas that may spark an interest and take them down an enrichment path. 

New Soles, Inc. Mentoring Outings

In order to think outside the box, one must know exactly what is outside of the box. New Soles, Inc. will be diligent in fundraising to provide new experiences for the youth. We believe that by showing a young mind alternate paths in life, you are enabling them to challenge their inner drive. We will partake in fun, educational & memorable outings. These outings will also allow the children to interact and build relationships with peers in similar situations which will alleviate the feeling of isolation. 

Community Outreach

Touching the souls of those in need is important to us, so we have formed a community outreach branch that provides food and clothing to the homeless. 

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